Good Intentions: TIGER FLOWERS Release Earlier Material

New York City chaotic hardcore band, Tiger Flowers, recently uploaded one of their older songs for your viewing and downloading pleasure this week. The track in question is entitled “Intentions” and is fully of noisy, disjunctive riffs and cataclysmic chords. The recording quality isn’t the best but it is good enough for you to hear all of that tasty, face melting instrumentation. You can stream the song and peep the lyrics below. Also, the band has stated that another song from the early years soon so be on the lookout for that.



We carried our intentions carefully through snow drift plains of empty dreams. Towards empty graves that wait cold as us, carrying our intentions. One’s were silver and one’s were gold. Her’s were pure while mine were cold and our face’s showed the wear of years. As we grow old in this dream before our time, we no longer hold hands. Just intentions, our intentions, which are to never make it out alive. We walk this plain with our intentions, just intentions. Snow drift eyes go blind to the white. Walk in circles around best intentions, still pretending to see the light. Now we’ve embraced the cold, empty graves as a suitable resting place. Among the white we rest our heads in coffins intention laced.

-Lane Oliver

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