Wear Your Wounds: CHELSEA WOLFE’s Ben Chisholm (REVELATOR) To Release Split With Jacob Bannon

Chelsea Wolfe bassist and keyboardist, Ben Chisholm, will be releasing a split album with Converge‘s Jacob Bannon. The two song split will be released under the name Wear Your Wounds. Deathwish Inc. is set to release the album at a date still to be determined.

Chisholm‘s potion of the album has been describe as a “melancholic and haunting song driven by a wash of electronics, throbbing percussion, spiraling piano and subtle guitar work”. The song is titled “Net Of Gems” and was produced under his solo project named Revelator. For those of you who have never heard Revelator, you can check some of his prior releases (which were done under his old name Whitehorse) here.

As for Bannon‘s piece, “Adrift For You”, it is supposed to be in vein of Swans and Joy Division. It will be very similar to his previous solo release. Continue after the jump for a look at the album artwork and official press release from Deathwish.

Revelator is the somber vision of musician Ben Chisholm, who is also a full time member of Chelsea Wolfe. Recording under the name “White Horse” since 2010, he has released a number of highly praised experimental solo recordings including “Final Coordinates” and “The Revenant Gospels I, II, and III”. Sighting other artists working under that same moniker, the name was eventually put out to pasture in 2012. With this fresh start, Revelator offers “Net of Gems”, a melancholic and haunting song driven by a wash of electronics, throbbing percussion, spiraling piano and subtle guitar work. He effortlessly constructs a sonic world which conjures up delicate hallucinogenic visions akin to a spry Pink Floyd, but darker and more ethereal.

Wear Your Wounds is the product of years of solo experimentation by founding Converge member Jacob Bannon. Picking up where his avante-garde projects Irons and Supermachiner left off, “Adrift In You” quickly builds into a hook laden storm of sound. Subtle electronics, massive guitars, and huge percussion swirl as poignant vocals call from the eye of it all. Bringing to mind the stark sounds of Swans, Killing Joke, Joy Division, and other like minded artists. Serving as a bold yet abbreviated taste of the new creative chapter for one of aggressive music’s most influential artists.


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— Josh Huddleston

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