INTRONAUT Release Demo Version Of “Nostalgic Echo”

California based post-metal band Intronaut have searched deep within the dust covered vaults of their early work and have dug up a demo version of one of their songs for you to enjoy. What they have released is an early version of their song “Nostalgic Echo” from their first full length album, Void. This is what the band had to say on the offering:

“Some really old recordings were just found during a move, and we thought this might b e an interesting listen for fans.This is a demo version of the song “Nostalgic Echo” from our 2006 album Void. Recorded sometime in 2005 to a 4-track cassette machine using a drum machine and a small practice amp. Basically we came up with some of these riffs in the jam room and then demoed the song structure on the 4 track. This is something we still do, but we have upgraded to far less primitive recording gear! Hope you enjoy it. We have a ton of other old obscure and early recordings that we might upload if there is enough interest”

I hope they release more rare stuff like this in the future. Check out the demo and the album version of “Nostalgic Echo” below!



-Lane Oliver

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