No Love On The Deep Web: DEATH GRIPS Is Back


As most of you should be aware, hip hop noise makers Death Grip defied their record label, Epic, and leaked their new album “No Love Deep Web” on midnight two days ago after Epic refused to release it “until some time next year”. Shortly after the leak, the bands official website ( was completely removed from the web. No real statement was ever made from the band other than an ambiguous tweet that stated -

our sight just got shut down- BASIC AS FUCK.

Hipster news media outlet Pitchfork have reported that they have spoken to Death Grips drummer Zach Hill and he is claiming Epic was responsible for the shut down. Epic, on the other hand, denied any involvement.

Well here we are one day later, Thirdworlds is back on-line and guess what, it looks better than ever! The site has been completely updated. It now features a cool collapsible navigation menu that allows you to easily stream all their albums and a sweet interactive portion. The “retrograde” tab on the site features a web-based drum machine of .Gifs that play short samples from different Death Grips tracks.

It seems a little odd to me that the website was removed then completely updated that fast, but whatever, It’s pretty cool. I know I totally just wasted an hour dicking around on this. You should go check it out then listen to “No Love Deep Web“.

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