WTF Moment: Is That LIL’ WAYNE On Stage With TRASH TALK???

Ummm yeah, so apparently that is LilWayne on stage with Trash Talk…. Or rather on stage with the Trash Talk/Odd Future collaboration known Trash Wang. As always, OFWGKTA closes with their anthem “Radicals” and uses Trash Talk as their backing band, but this time Weezy comes out on stage to rap scream along. After this awful noise, Trash Talk goes into “F.Y.R.A“; I honestly doubt Wanye stayed out for their but we will never know cause no one at the show cared to film Trash Talk’s set. :(

It’s obvious that this is going to sound like shit but you can watch the video below if you’d like. I know I was just hating and all but if I were there I totally would have been turnt up and stage diving on people…


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— Josh Huddleston

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