Drumset Burner: Sickdrummer Posts ADAM JARVIS Of PIG DESTROYER Drum Footage

As you may remember, almost a year ago, we here at AA broke the story about Adam Jarvis becoming Pig Destroyers new drummer. At first the band’s fans had a mixed reaction to Hull‘s decision to make Jarvis the drummer, I actually saw more posts about how fans were worried that Jarvis‘ drumming might not fit Piggy D’s style rather than the contrary.

Well it’s time for all the haters to shut the fuck up because Jarvis has hooked up with Metal Nick and Sickdrummer Magazine to give you a look at his kit set up for Pig Destroyers new album, Book Burner, as well as a demonstration of one of the songs off the album. God damn, I’m not trying to hate on Bryan Harvey or anything cause I loved his stye but do you really think he could have played that fast?


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— Josh Huddleston



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