MOGWAI Detail Upcoming Remix Album

You may or may not recall me mentioning that Mogwai would be releasing a remix album containing re-imagined versions of songs from their album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. The remix album, A Wretched Virile Lore, will see a release on limited edition vinyl on November 23rd while CD and digital versions on December 4th. The outing will containing the following track list:

01 Justin K. Broadrick: “George Square Thatcher Death Party”
02 Klad Hest: “Rano Pano”
03 Cyclob: “White Noise”
04 Xander Harris: “How to Be a Werewolf”
05 Zombi: “Letters to the Metro”
06 RM Hubbert: “Mexican Grand Prix”
07 Tim Hecker: “Rano Pano”
08 The Soft Moon: “San Pedro”
09 Umberto: “Too Raging to Cheers”
10 Robert Hampson: “La Mort Blanche”

Below you can hear the first track from the record. It is Justin Broadrick’s industrial remix of “George Square Thatcher Death Party”. Check it out below, download it and pre-order the record at this location.

-Lane Oliver

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