Why Must You Tease Me EXIVIOUS!!!!!!


You guys may know them as former members of Cynic but on the streets this group of musicians is better known as Exivious. After years of time off, mainly because the guitarist and bassist were in Cynic, this instrumental jazz metal fusion project has finally started demoing new material for a planned 2013 release. As of now, there is absolutely no info regarding this release…. EXCEPT FOR THIS AWESOME TEASER VIDEO EXIVIOUS HAS POSTED ON TYMON’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Holy fucking non-existent god, did you guys just listen to the same thing I did? It was only 58 seconds but that shit was incredible. I’m honestly having super mixed emotions right now, I don’t know if I should be stoked by what I just heard or bummed that I didn’t hear more! Either way, it sounds like these guys just might actually out Cynic Cynic on this release and I can’t fucking wait.


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— Josh Huddleston

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