RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE To Release 20th Anniversary Box Set

In celebration of the twenty year anniversary of their debut album’s release, Rage Against the Machine will be release a special deluxe box set entitled XX to commemorate the milestone. Included in this massive box set is a remastered version of their classic self titled debut album along with the original demos. The box set also features two DVDs collecting their 2010 performance in London, their 1997 live DVD, music videos, their first live show in North Ridge California and various other live performances. Other extras include a forty page booklet and a 2 sided poster. The box set will officially be released on November 22nd. Check out the box set’s track listing below as well as a cut from the classic album, “Wake Up”.

CD 1 – “Rage Against The Machine” (remastered):

01 – “Bombtrack”
02 – “Killing In The Name”
03 – “Take The Power Back”
04 – “Settle For Nothing”
05 – “Bullet In The Head”
06 – “Know Your Enemy”
07 – “Wake Up”
08 – “Fistful Of Steel”
09 – “Township Rebellion”
10 – “Freedom”
11 – “Bombtrack” (live) (originally released on “Bombtrack” single)
12 – “Bullet In The Head” (live) (originally released on “Bullet In The Head” single)
13 – “ Take The Power Back” (live) (originally released on “Freedom” single)

CD 2 – “The Original Demos“:

01 – “Bombtrack”
02 – “Take The Power Back”
03 – “Bullet In The Head”
04 – “Darkness Of Greed”
05 – “Clear The Lane”
06 – “Township Rebellion”
07 – “Know Your Enemy”
08 – “Mindset’s A Threat”
09 – “Killing In The Name”
10 – “Auto Logic”
11 – “The Narrows”
12 – “Freedom”

DVD 1 – “The Battle Of Britain” (Live at Finsbury Park, London, England, June 06th, 2010):

01 – “Testify”
02 – “Bombtrack”
03 – “People Of The Sun”
04 – “Know Your Enemy”
05 – “Bulls On Parade”
06 – “Township Rebellion”
07 – “Bullet In The Head”
08 – “White Riot” (The Clash cover)
09 – “Guerrilla Radio”
10 – “Sleep Now In The Fire”
11 – “Freedom”
12 – “Killing In The Name”

Music Videos:

“Killing In the Name”
“Bullet In The Head”
“Bulls On Parade”
“People Of The Sun”
“No Shelter”
“Guerilla Radio”
“Sleep Now In The Fire”
“Renegades Of Funk” (Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force cover)
“How I Could Just Kill A Man” (Cypress Hill cover) (previously unreleased)

“Rage Against The Machine” Live DVD (originally released in 1997):

“The Ghost Of Tom Joad” (Bruce Springsteen cover)
“People Of The Sun”
“Bulls On Parade”
“Bullet In The Head”
“Zapata’s Blood”
“Know Your Enemy”
“Tire Me”
“Killing In The Name”

DVD 2 – Unreleased Content:

First live show at Cal Stage in North Ridge, CA (October 23rd, 1991):

01 – “Killing In The Name”
02 – “Take The Power Back”
03 – “Autologic”
04 – “Bullet In The Head”
05 – “Hit The Deck”
06 – “Township Rebellion”
07 – “Darkness Of Greed”
08 – “Clear The Lane”
09 – “Clampdown”
10 – “Know Your Enemy”
11 – “Freedom”

Live footage:

“Freedom” (live at Pink Pop 1994)
“Take The Power Back” (live at Vic Theatre 1993)
“Fistful Of Steel” (live at JC Dobbs 1993)
“Bombtrack” (soundstage performance 1992)
“Wake Up” (Halfway House 1992)
“Settle For Nothing” (Castaic 1992)
“Clear The Lane” (San Luis Obispo 1992)
“Untitled” (CWNN 1992)
“Darkness Of Greed” (Zed’s Records 1992)
“Wake Up” (Nomads 1992)

[via The PRP]

-Lane Oliver

One comment on “RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE To Release 20th Anniversary Box Set

  1. Rather shite they’ll be putting the 5231th live version of Bombtrack etc behind the original album, I’d much prefer Darkness of Greed and Clear The Lane on the tracklist.

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