Crowd Member Blinded At YOUNG AND IN THE WAY Show

According to a post on Reddit, a young woman was struck in the face by a severed pig’s head during Young and in the Way’s set at the Southeast Hardcore Festival in Columbia, South Carolina, which caused permanent blindness in her right eye. According to the victim, this is what took place at the concert.

The band basically had a “sacrifice” theme to it with all the lights off, lit candles, burning incense, and they had the pig heads on stage. Some ignorant kids in the crowd took them off stage and threw them in the pit. There wasn’t really too many people in the pit to begin with, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Some kid picked it up and slung it in my direction, I’m guessing. I honestly did not see it coming.

*picture of pig’s head*

The band addressed the issue via Facebook and had this to say on the matter:

No one affiliated with YAITW threw a pig head off of the stage during our set at the Southeast Hardcore Festival.

There is only so much we can say with the threat of a lawsuit flying around, however, we have made contact with the victim.

A member of the crowd who is UNAFFILIATED with Young and in the Way threw the head and although this is extremely unfortunate, we did not encourage the act, nor do we endorse it.

Let this be clear: This involves YAITW, the victim and the person who actually threw the item off of the stage and only 2 of those parties have come forward to address the issue.

Why a pig’s head? What happened to the good old days when band’s bit the heads off of doves or snorted ants? Am I right? Anyway this is all of the information released so far but I will keep you updated as more info becomes available.

-Lane Oliver

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