JEFF LOOMIS Goes Death Metal In “A Liar’s Chain”

Sometime in June, Jeff Loomis’s(Nevermore) touring rhythm guitarist, Jeff Nurre, spoke to Metalsucks about a collaboration between himself, Loomis, and producer Aaron Smith(7 Horns 7 Eyes), a collaboration created with the intent to record some more death metal oriented tracks together. The Metalsucks sponsored Intrinsic tour brought that reality to a live context and now, that reality is situated within the confines of a well-produced, mastered, and finished audio file. Featuring all the current members of Loomis’s touring band, “A Liar’s Chain” is essentially a melodic death metal song bolstered by Loomis’s signature groovy and technical playing style. Here’s what Loomis had to say on the subject:

I had so much fun recording ’Surrender’ with Ihsahn on vocals for my last solo album that I wanted to do more songs like that.

Joe Nurre, who has been playing guitar in my band for the last year or so, has a pretty killer death metal voice, so I thought it would be perfect to do some more stuff like this with him as well as the rest of the guys.

According to Metalsucks, Loomis and Co. have about two more songs in tow in the vein of this style and as of yet, have only plans to release these tracks digitally. Check out a stream of “A Liar’s Chain” exclusively via Metal Hammer Germany below. Thanks to Metalsucks for the heads up.

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