BLOODBATH Returns With A “Legendary” Vocalist

According to a recent interview conducted by Metal Insider with Katatonia guitarist Anders Nystrom, the eminent death metal supergroup, Bloodbath, are poised for a return in 2013 with an as of yet unnamed new but “legendary” vocalist. Previously, the vocal positions were held by Mikael Åkerfeldt(Opeth) and Peter Tägtgren(Hypocrisy). The last official appearance and action done by the group was a brief encore stint on Opeth’s tour supporting their Heritage album wherein they were supported by Katatonia. Here’s what Anders had to say about the issue:

we cannot go out with an official, like 100% confirmation on who it is because there is a little bit more discussion to be done and a little bit more paperwork to be done. It’s like bullshit stuff…

…So it’s not just this guy from the street or anything. It’s not a nobody. We wouldn’t settle for anything less, actually. It’s just as much for the fans as for us, probably even more for us because when we do Bloodbath, we don’t think about any kind of aspects like what we need to do, what to expect from us, business decisions or anything. We just want to have a hell of a good time…

…I think Axe is going to come off of Opeth sometime in March. If we can get in studio by March with him doing the drums, we can knock the rest out between gigs and stuff. So hopefully an early Fall release. It’s definitely a 2013 release

Bloodbath have an amazing track record of albums and there couldn’t be better news regarding the group. A lot of people I know were drawn to the group initially because of Akerfeldt’s residency in the group and are a bit uneasy on the possible direction of the group but I personally couldn’t give a fuck. Peter Tägtgren did an amazing job on Nightmares Made Flesh, an album containing many of the band’s greatest songs including the crowd favorite, “Eaten” and I’m sure there are a sizable amount of vocalists able to fill the void. Stay brutal. 

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