FAITH NO MORE’s “Epic” Gets The Dubstep Treatment

It looks like an electronic duo by the name of Synchronice have released their dubstep remix of Faith No More’s classic song, “Epic”. The track appears on their new remix EP, Just Because, which can be downloaded here. I personally do not like the Americanized dubstep (Brostep as some call it ) so after the first few wobble bass drops I grew tired of listening to it. It does have some cool sounding effects here and there but overall it’s the same old trite Brostep that I have grown to despise. But that’s just me. Check it out below and tell me what you think.

[via Revolver]

-Lane Oliver

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4 comments on “FAITH NO MORE’s “Epic” Gets The Dubstep Treatment

  1. Doing this remix was a huge challenge for us. The reason it’s so “brostep” influenced is because we didn’t want to make a great Faith No More song into anything less heavy than the original. If this isn’t your style please check out the rest of the tracks on the EP, they cover a variety of styles from melodic to driving. As a guitarist, I personally used to hate dubstep so I see where you’re coming from.

    – Synchronice

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