Play Me Some Skynard: PSYOPUS Finalizes Reunion Line Up

So remember the other day when I broke that Psyopusreunion story? Well I might have posted a little prematurely because the revitalized line up was unveiled just moments after guitarist Chris Arp announced the reunion. The band will feature Arpmandude on guitar (obviously), Adam Frappolli doing vocals, Fred DeCoste slappin da bass and Jason Bauers on drums.

This current incarnation of Psyopus consists of 3/4s of the original line up. The only original member not to be included in the revamped Opus is Greg Herman, who was replaced by Bauers (Bauers was featured on Odd Senses). This probably comes as a big surprise to long time fans; 1. because it’s pretty common knowledge that Adam‘s departure from the band was less than amicable, 2. because it means they will probably be playing lots of material off of Ideas Of Reference.

Uhhh, I can’t fucking wait for these guys to start touring again… If they end up playing more than one show, that is…


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— Josh Huddleston

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