PORCUPINE TREE Ready New Live Album

One of my favorite progressive rock acts, Porcupine Tree, will be releasing a new double live CD/DVD set entitled Octane Twisted through Kscope Records on November 19th. A regular double CD version will be available at a later date. According to the band’s Facebook page, CD 1 will consist of a live performance of their most recent record, The Incident, in full at the Riviera in Chicago. CD 2 is a collection of other live material recorded at the same event except tracks five through seven, which were recorded at Royal Albert Hall:

1. Hatesong (9.57)
2. Russia on Ice / The Pills I’m Taking (15.02)
3. Stars Die (5.57)
4. Bonnie the Cat (6.11)
5. Even Less (14.28)
6. Dislocated Day (7.05)
7. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (12.59)

The bonus DVD is a six camera shoot production documenting their live performance of The Incident. Check out a cut from The Incident, “Time Files, below.

-Lane Oliver

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