CODE ORANGE KIDS Release A Killer New Music Video

Code Orange Kids have just released a new music video for the song “Flowermouth (the leech)”. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming Deathwish Inc full length, “Love Is Love // Return To Dust”.

The new video is directed by the same guy who did their last video My Body Is A Well. Much like this band’s music, the new video is not too dissimilar from their last, but I actually think it’s much better. I really really like this video. It’s fantastically shot (even though I have no idea what the visuals are supposed to represent). The song is solid too so that always helps.

These youngster are making quite the impact on the scene right now. They are receiving a lot of praise and a lot of hate. Share your thoughts on COK in the comment section.
P.S. If you like these guys, make sure to check out these bootlegs I filmed of them from SXSW.


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– Josh Huddleston

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One comment on “CODE ORANGE KIDS Release A Killer New Music Video

  1. I like these guys (and this song is probably the best thing they’ve ever done), but their fans strike me as young and immature. Guess that’s not a huge surprise seeing as how the band members themselves aren’t that old.

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