Blood And Gore: Brief Review Of GENERAL SURGERY’s Like And Ever Flying Limb

I have an issue. What is that issue, you ask? I am a big fan of goregrind (when it is done well) and decent bands these days are few and far between. Carcass gave it up a long, long time ago. Cattle Decapitation are all about music videos these days and Aborted aren’t doing it for me anymore. There just aren’t enough bands with their hearts in the music (no pun intended). You have Analdicktion from Singapore, but they are more on the brutal death metal side of the whole spectrum.  One band that crushed me when I first found them and still crush me to this day is General Surgery. This band fucking kills every single track they regurgitate.

The latest (and possibly greatest) example of this fact would have to be the bands forthcoming 7” Like And Ever Flying Limb. This son-of-a-bitch destroys. As soon as I hit play and that first sample kicked in, I knew I had found what I had been searching for. This bloody, disgusting slab of filth is what I needed in my life. Every riff flies past you with uncanny brutality and accuracy with blast beats deafening you along the way. In five short but sweet tracks, General Surgery prove that they are not giving up on being one of the gnarliest goregrind bands to infect the world. Crush! Kill! Destroy!

Release date: 11/ 6 via Relapse Records
Rating: 10/10
Favorite track: “Like An Ever Flying Limb”

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