AEON Release First Studio Update For “Aeons Black”

Swedish death metal band, Aeon, have been busy as fuck trying to build hype for their upcoming release “Aeons Black“. First the band made the title track available for streaming, then they released a lyric video for it and now they have posted their first in-studio update. Unlike most studio updates, this series starts members of Aeon tracking bass and vocals which is unusual considering you always record drums first.

It sounds like the song being tracked in the video is “Aeons Black“, which is dumb considering we’ve all heard that song, but whatever. Watch the video and get stoked for “Aeons Black” out November 20th on Metalblade records.


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– Josh Huddleston


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One comment on “AEON Release First Studio Update For “Aeons Black”

  1. Anticipate heavily. They also were tracking at least three songs in the video. Sounds like David Vincent guest vox, the spoken word near the end of the song, like on “God Of Emptiness”.

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