LOATHSOME Are Born From Rot

I come in contact with new music all the time and sometimes I feel the need to share some of what I discover. Here’s a little band who was brought to my attention whom I feel have a lot of potential. Obviously the first thing you are going to notice is the gruesomely cartoonish artwork, which should give you an idea of what you are in for. If you thought slamming death metal than you are correct! Loathsome is a four piece death metal outfit whose debut release, Born From Rot, was put out by Gore House Productions earlier this year. What Loathsome have to offer you is a cavalcade of brutal riffs that fans of Cannibal Corpse and the like will appreciate. In addition to the ridiculous amounts of eviscerating riffs are the sickening, vile sounding vocals courtesy of vocalist Nev. This raw, blood and bile covered release are sure to satisfy the horror inspired death metal fan in everyone. The production on Born From Rot is not the best but this is a band still in its infancy and I predict that subsequent records will sound even better. You can stream the group’s debut release below if you so desire.

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WTF Moment: WAYNE STATIC Performs with DMC of RUN DMC

Run DMC recently reunited to play Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX. The next day DMC played a solo show and this is what went down.. The title of the article says it all. Seriously, what the fuck? It’d be one thing if I just found this around the internet, but no, I actually had to watch the abomination in person.

But hey, at least I saw Kreayshawn right after this…


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— Josh Huddleston