WRECK Streaming New Song “Searching My Roots”

Tacoma Washington based hardcore group, Wreck, are a fairly new act with thus far two releases under their belt, a 2010 Demo and a 2011 EP, Reap What You Sow(free download here). Wreck play a distinctive style of alternative hardcore that easily traverses the lines between metal, hardcore and grunge, a sandwich sound that is equal parts Trapped Under Ice, Corrosion of Conformity and Nirvana. An exclusive track off of the group’s debut 6131 Records release, Nervous Wreck, entitled “Searching My Roots” is currently streaming exclusively over at GlueHC. Barely reaching a length of a minute and a half, “Searching My Roots” is a short psychedelic romp that is surprisingly ample in content. Bathed in a rather unique warm production, Wreck assault with riffs that contrast within the same phrase, inciting both attack and surrender simultaneously. Stream “Searching My Roots” exclusively via GlueHC here and catch the group’s video for “Burn Out” below. Nervous Wreck comes out sometime during December, pre-order the release hereContinue reading

Stop Motion Creepiness: AMENRA Release New Music Video

I fucking love Amenra‘s new album Mass V, but this video for “Nowena l 9.10” give me the willies. I mean, it’s just creepy stop motion, claymation, whatever and it’s…. Well, it’s fucking creepy. I’m not 100% sure I understand the video, but it’s definitely interesting. A little fun fact about the song is that it features guest vocals by the one, the only Scott Kelly (of Neurosis fame). The track is amazing, the video might weird you out. You can see the video for “Nowena l 9.10” after the jump and be sure to grab Amenra‘s Mass V on November 27th via Neurot Records. Continue reading

The Glowing Hate: Sweden’s AEON Streaming New Track

Ahh, Aeon. Aeon is one of those death metal bands that continuously break down the wall that was their previous album and builds up something new and more crushing. I have been a big fan of this band ever since I read the lyrics to “God Gives Head In Heaven” and I remain rooted in my love of their destructive death metal. The band is now streaming a new song off of their forthcoming album Aeon’s Black which will be released by Metal Blade Records on November 20th. The track is called “The Glowing Hate” and it’s everything you want from a death metal band in 2012. Check out the track here and then talk about it in the comments. Enjoy. Continue reading

CRYPTOPSY Release Previously Unreleased Track

A stream of a previously unreleased Cryptopsy song entitled “Boden” has surfaced online. The track will be one of three previously unreleased tracks on the band’s upcoming best of compilation, The Best of Us Bleed. The compilation will be released on November 19th while their new self titled record will see a U.S. release on the same day. You can check out the pummeling, blood soaked “Boden” below.

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FLOURISHING Streaming New EP “Intersubjectivity” In Full

Out of seemingly nowhere, I recently found out via BrooklynVegan that Flourishing, a New York based group that play a distinctive and unique style of forward thinking deathgrind, are releasing a new EP. I was introduced to the group through their debut LP, The Sum Of All Fossils, sometime in 2010, a period where I was very much into old school death metal, particularly the technical grime of groups such as Immolation and Gorguts. As a result, Flourishing, naturally, was of great appeal to me. With a sound influenced by experimental groups such as Swans and Godflesh, Flourishing play a style of deathgrind that is heavily indescribable. It is both consistent and chaotic, comprised of dizzying riffs that while at the outset sound organized, can drive the listener mad upon scrutiny. Intersubjectivity, the group’s latest effort(released via The Path Less Traveled Records), is currently streaming in full via bandcamp here where it can also be pre-ordered for the measly price of $2.50 before its imminent release date on November 13th, where the price will hike up. Nevertheless, to save you Aftermathers the grievance of checking out a band you possibly may not heard on another link, the track “The Petrification Lottery” can be streamed below exclusively thanks to Brooklyn Vegan.