TORCHE Performs New Material Live

This year at Fun Fun Fun fest in Austin, TX, I was able to catch Torche’s awesome set where they broke out a brand new song. The song was extremely heavy, groove based, and had massive amounts of distortion and low end. It was one of the heaviest songs I have heard this band create. Luckily, someone filmed this event and uploaded it online. You can check that out below. Also, the band played another heavy, ball busted in Meza, AZ last month and fan filmed footage caught that as well. It looks like the next Torche album may be the heaviest thing they have ever written. Check out both of those new songs below.

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PELICAN Guitarist Debuts Solo Material

Pelican and Chord guitarist Trevor de Brauw has released a new track online as a part of his solo work. The track, originally recorded in 2006, is entitled “They Keep Bowing” and is slated to appear on Trevor’s “probably-never-to-be-completed solo album Uptown” The track was released as a part of the 2012 Neon Marshmallow Compilation. The track is in the same vein as Chord as it is an ambient, droning soundscape. But it’s a little more dynamic and psychedelic than Chord’s past material. You can stream the track below if you so wish.

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New INTRONAUT Album Is Well On The Way

Progressive metal act Intronaut have assigned a release date and a title to their upcoming record. The record is entitled  Habitual Levitations is slated to be released on March 19th via Century Media. John Haddad (Exhumed, Phobia) was brought in for drum production while Derek Donely (Bereft) handled the rest of the production. Josh Newell mixed the album after Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Pelican, etc) had to back out because of that bitch Sandy. So far that’s the information that has been released but I know all of you are excited. You know you are. Don’t lie.

[via The PRP]

-Lane Oliver