DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT Stream “Widowmaker” In Full


UK blackened death/doom act, Dragged Into Sunlight, have long been a quiet mainstay listen of mine since their debut album, Hatred For Mankind and have lately become more so of a mainstay, when I found out that they were a product of the ambitious FBI covert operation, Operation Many Jons. The atmosphere, texture, and attack of Dragged Into Sunlight’s latest venture, Widowmaker, sure to evoke controversy, varies considerably from their previous effort, trading caustic, misanthropic, and pure malevolence for a greater sense of suffocating atmosphere and slowed pace. Stream the possibly divisive and dense Widowmaker here, exclusively via Exclaim.ca and pick it up from Prosthetic Records here.

More Like Hell: COLUMN OF HEAVEN Premiere New Track


Like most of the music I’ve been getting into for the past year, either Wayne from Toxicbreed’s Funhouse told me or Full of Hell did in some way. In my discovery of Column of Heaven, the reality is no different. Emerging out of the dissolution of an array of bands including the renowned The Endless Blockade, Column Of Heaven are a Toronto-based powerviolence group shrouded in the encompassing veil of harsh noise, power electronics, grindcore, and death metal. Currently up in queue to be added to their discography are two releases: a split with the Canadian black metallers, Radioactive Vomit, and a 7″ due on Iron Lung Records. Currently up for streaming is the second track off of the split with Radioactive Vomit, entitled “Aubade II: The Trident of Light and Decay”. Filled with malevolent riffs, samples, and foreboding atmospheres, the four minute “Aubade II…” is a prime example of the brutality that is Column Of Heaven. Stream “Aubade II…” below and be sure to check out the blog Survivalist(run by Column Of Heaven member, Andrew Nolan) and its bandcamp page here(contains Column Of Heaven albums and others for free download). Continue reading

TERROR Launch Pre-Orders For Upcoming Single


Serving as the precursor to their upcoming full length, Live By The Code, “Hard Lessons” is the latest single being put out by Los Angeles hardcore veterans, Terror, through premiere hardcore label, Reaper Records. Stream a live video of “Hard Lessons” below(thanks to YouTube user, MyWifeHateCod) and pre-order the record in its various packages, here. Continue reading

AEON Streaming “Aeon’s Black” In Full


Currently streaming exclusively over at Terrorizer is Aeon’s Black, the follow-up album by Swedish death metal giants, Aeon to their 2010 crusher, Path Of Fire. Running fifteen tracks and nearly 51 minutes(making this the group’s longest effort to date), Aeon’s Black follows through with Aeon’s promise of delivering their “grooviest” album to date, showcasing the group’s signature brutal riffwork with a new found sense of melody and attack. Stream the death metal epic, here, courtesy of Terrorizer. Aeon’s Black comes out the 20th of this month through Metal Blade Records. Pre-order the record here and be sure to check Aeon out on their upcoming UK 2013 Tour. Dates after the jump. Continue reading