Open HAIDUK’s “Spellbook” For Metal Goodness

If there was a magical spell to cause someone’s face to melt, Haiduk’s new full length Spellbook would possess it. Haiduk is the moniker for Canadian artist Luka Milojica, who provides the guitars, bass, vocals and drum programming for the project. This one man metal project came into being with the release of 2010’s raw and powerful Plagueswept demo. Since then Luka has been quietly perfecting his craft and in July of this year, released his debut full length Spellbook. Spellbook features ten tracks of blistering, tremolo picked madness in a death metal guise that succeeds in plunging the listener into a deep auditory hell in its short half hour duration. The record offers harsh guttural vocals sprinkled through out but mainly focuses on the dark and deadly riff attacks. Haiduk is an artist to definitely look out for. Spellbook is a step in the right direction for Luka’s promising death metal project. Check out some select tracks from the record and the Plagueswept demo below and if you like what you hear be sure to pick up a copy at this location.

Find Haiduk on Facebook.

-Lane Oliver

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