About Fucking Time: SUMMONING To Release New Album Next Year

Atmospheric black metal outfit Summoning have been around for a long time and I know I wasn’t the only one thinking “when the fuck are they going to release a new album?” now was I? Well, it has been settled: Summoning will release their first new album in seven years in 2013. Who is fucking pumped for that? This release should coincide with the bands twentieth anniversary, shit’s cray. Continue reading

TWITCHING TONGUES Debut Video For “Preacher Man”

Metallic hardcore group, Twitching Tongues, have just released a video for the song “Preacher Man” off of their latest EP of the same name. Shot entirely in black and white, the beautifully lighted video for “Preacher Man” is basically a well shot performance video with some cool effects and occasional allusions to the theme of the song. A song which according to an interview with John Hoffman/Caution of Weekend Nachos(in his zine Spilled Blood) is about how the mother of brother members Colin and Taylor left their father for a priest. Stream the awesome video below, pick up the EP from Closed Casket Activities here and be sure to catch Twitching Tongues on their upcoming and officially weirdest tour with Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Upon A Burning Body and Volumes(dates below). Also, Keith At Chain. Continue reading

Until The Day I Cover: WAR TORN ANGEL Cover STORY OF THE YEAR… Wait, What?

Does anyone remember Story of The Year? They were a hard rock band from St. Louis who were quite popular in the early 2000s. I’m sure you’ve heard one of the bands singles from their debut album Page Avenue: “Anthem Of Our Dying Day” and/or “Until The Day I Die.” Well, if you do remember these songs, you’ll be delighted or dismayed to learn that not only is Story of The Year still around (srsly?) but they are apparently influencing bands nowadays.

A band that I have never heard of before called War Torn Angel have released their cover “Until The Day I Die” and for the most part, it’s a copy of the original. Of course, deathcore wasn’t a thing back then, so their are subtle differences, like enhanced breakdowns and deep growls rather than exasperated screams. No, this doesn’t make it better (or worse for that matter), but it does show that you don’t have to completely fuck a song in the ass to cover it. Check out the original as well as War Torn Angel‘s cover after the jump. Continue reading

Better Late Than Never: OM Releases New Music Video

Fucking fucksteak. I don’t know why the hell I went without posting this when it was released over a week ago. Sludgy stoner trio OM have released a new music video for their song “State Of Non-Return” which appears on their latest album Advaitic Songs. This song is a total ripper, top-notch stoner rock, but what else would you expect from a band like OM? They are true stalwarts of the genre and they seem to get progressively better over the course of their career. Check out the video after the jump and be sure to grab Advaitic Songs, out now. Continue reading

PISSED JEANS To Release New Album

Noisy, sludgy hardcore purveyors Pissed Jeans will return next year with the follow up to 2009′s King of Jeans and will in turn destroy stereos everywhere. The band will release the new record, entitled Honeys, sometime in February 2013. No specific date has been released yet. Exciting news right? To make it even better, you can stream a cut from the upcoming record below. The track is called “Bathroom Laughter” and it is one hell of a stormer. It starts off with a fuzzy, dirty bass line that escalates into a d-beat inspired hardcore dirge. The track morphs in and out of central hardcore riff and noisy, disjunctive bends and licks. The song is just extremely badass. Check it out below and be sure to check back for more Pissed Jeans news.

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BECK To Release New Album…For Real This Time!

It’s no secret that I love Beck’s music. When the songwriter announce his new album would take the form of written sheets of music in Beck Hansen’s Song Reader, I was a bit disappointed. Granted it is a cool idea but I like a lot of Beck fans, would like to hear the music coming from the man himself. Well it appears we are getting that after all. In an interview with triple j radio, Beck revealed that he is in fact working on a new LP that he started on back in 2008. This is what Beck stated:

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KOWLOON WALLED CITY’s New Song Could Sink “Container Ships”

On December 4th, Kowloon Walled City will unleash their barbaric new album Container Ships via Brutal Panda. We’ve already heard “Cornerstone” and now Pitchfork are streaming the nearly eight minute, Godzilla sized title track. “Container Ships” could quite possibly sink the aforementioned ships. A reverberating mass of feedback gives way to a massive riff that is continually hammered out upon the listener and eventually opens the gate for a ridiculously heavy and melodic outro. In short, this song demolishes me. I cannot wait for this album to drop. Check out the song ASAP!

-Lane Oliver