PISSED JEANS To Release New Album

Noisy, sludgy hardcore purveyors Pissed Jeans will return next year with the follow up to 2009′s King of Jeans and will in turn destroy stereos everywhere. The band will release the new record, entitled Honeys, sometime in February 2013. No specific date has been released yet. Exciting news right? To make it even better, you can stream a cut from the upcoming record below. The track is called “Bathroom Laughter” and it is one hell of a stormer. It starts off with a fuzzy, dirty bass line that escalates into a d-beat inspired hardcore dirge. The track morphs in and out of central hardcore riff and noisy, disjunctive bends and licks. The song is just extremely badass. Check it out below and be sure to check back for more Pissed Jeans news.

-Lane Oliver

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