Lethal Dose Of Sludge: COFFINS Finally Streaming Covers EP

Back in March Japan’s deathdoom annihilators Coffins released a EP of cover tracks and I was fucking pumped at this news. I have since not been able to get my filthy paws on this monstrosity and up until recently I thought it would never come within my grasp. Wellllllllllll lucky for me (and possibly you), Coffins Sewage Sludgecore Treatment is now available on Bandcamp to be streamed/purchased! Yay!

We all know Coffins are no strangers to covering songs. They have done so in the past, honoring bands such as Death, Cathedral, Venom and Pungent Stench. Now they have added to their repertoire covers of sludge legends Buzzov*en, Eyehategod, Noothgrush, Grief and Iron Monkey. Every single cover is done waaaay more than justice. Each track is phenomenally performed with crushing bites of death metal. You can stream the album below and buy it if you wish (I suggest you do so). Enjoy the filth, sludge-heads.

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