Hydra Health: Help Keep Hydra Head Records Alive!

As you know by now, back in September Hydra Head Records would be closing its doors. I was deeply saddened that my favorite label was going under because of the state the music industry is in. But according to a recent post on Hydra Head’s official blog, the label that brought you Isis, Pelican, Daughters and more may still be able to keep breathing. Introducing Hydra Health; a Hydra Head rehabilitation project. According to the post the label will still not be able to release new records BUT they will still be able to preserve their catalog with your help! The label is offering a slew of special purchasable items (with more on the way) in order to raise money for their upcoming represses. Here is the official statement:

As announced some weeks back, Hydra Head has come to a difficult juncture in our existence and the future of the label is precarious. Between the downturn in sales of music in recent years, our tendency of releasing artists whose work is too challenging to be commercially viable, our collective insistence on high standards for recording and packaging, and an intentionally artistic but admittedly financially unsound approach to running a label, we are no longer able to function as we have for almost two decades.

We’ve arrived at the conclusion that it is no longer possible for us to continue releasing new albums, but rather than shut the label down completely, we’re hoping to be able to continue in a capacity that would allow us to preserve and perpetuate our catalog of works by the large cast of truly amazing and groundbreaking artists we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years. In order to do this we’re asking for help from anyone and everyone that would like to see the label continue and who is willing to support us in this effort. This is not however a request for charity – we would like to offer something in exchange for whatever level of funding our potential benefactors (that is you), are willing to bestow upon us.

These “somethings” we’re offering as part of our fundraiser range from the small and accessible (stickers, pins, etc), to the large and costly (lots of 150+ rare records and test pressings, musical instruments, original artwork, 7″ box sets, etc), and a whole lot in between (t-shirts, subscriptions to our future vinyl represses, box lots of highly discounted CDs, etc.). The selling off of all these items will allow us to do several things: fund future represses and reissues, pay our artists and remaining staff members to realize these projects, clear out our offices so we can downsize to a more functional level of operation, and provide some special artifacts to those that appreciate and support what we and our artists have built over the years.

While it’s not easy to part with some of these things, we do so with happiness knowing that it may allow us to continue doing what we love to do, and ensure that a lot of the great music we’ve been entrusted with disseminating continues to be available for any and all that want to hear it for years to come. While we’re well aware that much of this music can and will be obtained in digital format for free from various internet sources, we firmly believe that these musical documents are best experienced in their original intended forms, and that as physical artifacts lend a greater depth of experience to the listeners as well as the creators. Thank you in advance to any and all who are willing to assist us in our effort to make sure important music continues to be heard, that the artists responsible for its creation are supported for their work, and for helping keep underground music alive and thriving.

What we are offering (available on http://www.realtomatoketchup.com/ ):
$3 – Hydra Head Sticker
$5 – Hydra Head 5 button set
$6 – Mystery Promo Bag
$9 – Dillinger Escape Plan / Drowningman split 7″
$10 – 3 CD grab bag
$20 – 4x 7″ mystery bag + screen print
$25 – Hydra Head ltd. screen print (pre-order)
$50 – LP Test Press
$75 – 2xLP Test Press
$100 – 30 CD Grab Box
$125 – HHR Vinyl Subscription (Next 5 Hydra Head vinyl releases/re-presses)
$180 – ISIS Live series I-VI vinyl set (2 available)
$250 – Mamiffer Hirror Enniffer original artwork (#1) + poster + LP
$250 – Mamiffer Hirror Enniffer original artwork (#2) + poster + LP
$300 – ISIS / Pelican / Tombs original artwork + silk screen poster
$300 – Old Man Gloom NO original artwork (#1) + 2xLP test press
$300 – Old Man Gloom NO original artwork (#2) + 2xLP test press
$300 – Pyramids with Nadja original artwork (#1) + ltd. remix 12″
$300 – Pyramids with Nadja original artwork (#2) + ltd. remix 12″
$350 – ISIS Shades of the Swarm 12xLP box set (4 available)
$400 – Buzzov•en Revelation: Sick Again original artwork + LP test press
$400 – ISIS vinyl collection (14 vinyl releases, 2 available)
$450 – Pyramids / Horseback A Throne Without a King original artwork (#1) + LP&7″ test press
$450 – Pyramids / Horseback A Throne Without a King original artwork (#2) + LP&7″ test press
$550 – Aaron Turner’s Mesa Boogie Formula Pre preamp + Mesa 20/20 stereo power amplifier
$650 – ISIS / Melvins split LP original artwork + LP test press
$800 – Torche / Boris Chapter Ahead Being Fake original artwork + 10″
$1150 – ISIS Wavering Radiant original artwork + 2xLP test press
$1700 – Aaron Turner’s 1985 Gibson Les Paul Standard
$3333 – Entire Hydra Head Records collection, 1995-2012, HH666-001 – HH666-236
$3333 – Entire Hydra Head Records TEST PRESS collection, 1995-2012, HH666-001 – HH666-236
$10,000 – Hydra Head Office Spree + Disneyland vacation
+ more coming soon (exclusive t-shirt, bundles, … )

If you are feeling altruistic and generous, you can also donate here:http://realtomatoketchup.bigcartel.com/product/donation

Upcoming vinyl reissues and represses that we are currently working on for 2013 include:
Botch American Nervoso 2xLP (deluxe vinyl reissue)
CAVE IN Until Your Heart Stops 2xLP
CAVE IN Jupiter LP
Converge Caring and Killing 2xLP (first time on vinyl)
Discordance Axis Jouhou 2xLP (deluxe vinyl reissue)
DROWNINGMAN Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline LP
JESU Conqueror 2xLP

Also, we will need volunteers to help ship orders over the coming weeks. If you are interested in coming in to help, email info@hydraheadDOTcom with the subject “Shipping volunteer.” We will give you free records and lunch. Maybe a nickname, too.

PLEASE NOTE: ORDERS MAY NOT ARRIVE IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. WE HAVE A LIMITED SHIPPING CAPACITY. IT MAY TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS TO SHIP SOME ORDERS (especially if they include pre-order items such as the shirt or screen print).

Thankfully I have money to blow. I will definitely purchasing something from them in the future in order to show my support further AND SO SHOULD YOU. Please donate, guys!

-Lane Oliver

One comment on “Hydra Health: Help Keep Hydra Head Records Alive!

  1. What’s really sad is that after they run the business into the dirt, they expect volunteers to work fulfilling orders to further line the label’s pockets. If you’re broke and can’t hire a minimum wage employee to stuff the ORDERS – do it all yourself.

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