Review: LEECHES OF LORE-“Frenzy, Ecstasy”

By Lane Oliver

Look at the band name. Look at the album art. Look at some of the song titles like “Mississippi Front Butt” and “The Old Brain Rapin’ Highway”. With all of these things one would be inclined to assume that this band is wacky. Well, it’s true. Leeches of Lore are an experimental rock band out of Albuquerque whose new full length, Frenzy, Ecstasy is a quirky display of eccentric musicianship.

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Offensive Candy Sharks: JAMES DOESN’T EXIST Releases Numerous EPs

That fucker Nikolai Gawin. I haven’t posted about him in a while, but the dude is back with a vengeance. Nikolai has returned to the mantel of James Doesn’t Exist and released not one, but five new EPs in just a matter of days. That’s right, five fucking EPs. Each album contains five tracks except for the most recent one Candy which contains four tracks. And guess what: each album is fantastic.     Continue reading

Waking Up And Decomposing: SNAKES Unleash New EP

Snakes are a band that I have gotten into very recently. Over the holiday I acquired a cassette version of their album Please Just Kill Me Now and it fucking rips. I mean, this shit is fucking heavy. Crushing, down-tempo powerviolence at its finest. After tearing through the album a few times, I was aching for more. Well, my wish has been granted. Thanks to Toxicbreed’s Funhouse, there is a new Snakes EP and it destroys everything in only four tracks.     Continue reading

Review: CTHULHU DETONATOR-“Infernal Machines”

By Lane Oliver

Eric Hogg is a Canadian musician whose first foray into noise is the compelling fifty-five minute Infernal Machines under the moniker, Cthulhu Detonator. This massive, intriguing noise project was born out of Hogg’s desire to create music that is “harsh and compelling” and I believe he has succeeded with Infernal Machines. Those not accustomed to noise music will most likely find this mind numbing beast too much to handle. But for those who like to hear something out of the ordinary, like me, might enjoy the ride this record takes you on.

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Head In A Colossal Hole: COFFINS Release Demo Of New Song

All has been quiet on the front of Japan’s deathdoom masters Coffins for a bit now. The band streamed a new song on Decibel back in July but there was a bit of a delay on the bands covers EP Sewage Sludgecore Treatment making it’s way online.
Well, I guess the band hasn’t been lazy, they just have a lack of PR going for them. They’ve released a two splits (with Macabra and Sourvein), two EPs and a Flexi Disc for Decibel Magazine subscription series. And off all this, I am most excited about the new demo the band is currently streaming online. Continue reading

Carving A Ballerina: Check Out New Videos From FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE And ARSIS

I’m a little behind on my posting about music videos lately. So let’s just hop right into this one, eh? The two videos I’m talking about in this post are the new one from Fleshgod Apocalypse and Arsis. I really enjoy bands making good music videos that are enjoyable to watch. Especially if the tracks they are going with are top-notch tracks. Let’s start with Fleshgod Apocalypse, who have released an… Interesting video for their track “The Forsaking.”     Continue reading

Rock The Earth: CLUTCH Release Live Performance Of New Albums Title Track

Lane told you about Clutch‘s upcoming release Earth Rocker not too long ago and the band has now released a live performance of the albums title track. This footage was captured during a private performance at the bands studio space and it’s really, really good. I’m pretty stoked for this album to be released.     Continue reading


“We have such sights to show you!” – Hellraiser, 1987

Welcome to the sixth edition of Cryptic Passages, a weekly column in which I, Eric Nguyen, will be presenting for your torture, some of the most brutal, unrelenting, and hate drenched pieces of audio I’ve found journeying through the misanthropic plains of the internet. Three satanic passages await you in the cryptic chasm…after the jump. Continue reading

Review: WASTED STRUGGLE-“Guillotines”

By Lane Oliver

Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, Wasted Struggle have crawled from their cesspool of filth to inject you full of crusty, chaotic hardcore rage. The four piece’s debut six song EP, Guillotines, was brought to my attention a few weeks ago only for me to discover a solid piece of work. While the EP is less than twenty minutes long, these six songs should channel any violent urge you have. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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Conceived In Sewage: DEVOURMENT Release Album Teaser

Okay, I’ve never been a fan of slamdeath. It just never really interested me. I put this as my basis of why I have never been a fan of Devourment. I mean, I’ve listened to their tunes and laughed at their song titles, it just wasn’t for me. Their music seemed too simple and kinda boring. Aaaaaand then they released the teaser for their new album Conceived In Sewage. Suddenly I’m interested.       Continue reading