Champing At The Bit: GLASSJAW’s Daryl Palumbo Joins EVERY TIME I DIE On Stage

Last night, Josh and I attended the annual Unsilent Night festival in Dallas, Texas. It was a night full of annoyances such as The Chariot not being able to play due to van trouble, a plethora of bands we did not enjoy at all, and an overly preachy Christian band among others. BUT the few pros of the festival outweighed the cons quite a bit. The sets from Letlive, Every Time I Die and Glassjaw were enough to turn the almost unbearable festival into a night of awesomeness. Prior to Every Time I Die’s set I said to Josh, “wouldn’t it be awesome if Daryl performed his bit from ‘Champing at the Bit’ live with Every Time I Die?” Well lo and behold that did in fact happen and some low quality footage has surfaced luckily. You can view the footage below if you wish. It was a pretty monumental even if I say so myself.


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