Alive Like Death: SWARM OF ARROWS Release Music Video

I was recently introduced to Swarm Of Arrows by vocalist/guitarist Keats Rickard and man, was I glad that I was. This band is everything I loved about old Mastodon and everything I wish Baroness could be. Great, sludgy metal with a killer, killer vibe to it. If you don’t believe these dudes are for real, check out that beard on Keats. I mean, that’s a man’s beard! Swarm Of Arrows have just released a new album and music video. You can stream the album here and stream the video for “Alive Like Death” after the jump. Enjoy. Continue reading

Reach Beyond The Sun: SHAI HULUD Release New Track

Oh, Shai Hulud. I owe an awful lot to this band as they were one of the main acts to get me into early metalcore and hardcore. They were punishing and crushing but had real metal elements like melody and structure. They have always been one of my favorite acts and I was very excited to learn that they would be releasing a new album called Reach Beyond The Sun with founding member Chad Gilbert (of New Found Glory), who performed vocals on Shai Hulud‘s 1997 debut Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion. It’s great to see Chad back at the helm of Shai Hulud, although I know it’s not permanent.

The band has just released the title track off of their new album, which you can check out below. The track sounds great to me. It’s really melodic, but it’s good. I’m pretty excited for the full album, which will be released on February 19th via Metal Blade Records. Check out “Reach Beyond The Sun” below.     Continue reading

Holy Cop Killer, Batman: BODY COUNT Sign To Sumerian Records?

In what is probably the most disturbing headline I have ever written, I hate to say that it is true: Ice-T-fronted metal band Body Count have indeed signed with Sumerian Records (who we announced recently signed The Dillinger Escape Plan). Body Count is looking at 2013 for the release of their new album. The main thing I am wondering about is did Bizzy Bone (who released his last album Crossroads: 2010 on Sumerian Records) give Ice-T a call and tell him to send Ash a demo? Fuck it. It’s done. Maybe the new Body Count album will stand up to the bands eponymous debut (not fucking likely). Anyway, that’s that. Another WTF? marked down in my book.     Continue reading