Into The Crypt We Roam: CARA NEIR Unveil New Track

I started posting about around this time last year and I still love Cara Neir. Modern black metal done the right way, incorporating post-metal influences as well as gnarly grindcore and even… Stuff I can’t even comprehend. When Cara Neir and Ramlord released their split earlier this year I was blown away. When they also released their Sublimation Therapy EP this year I thought to myself, how the fuck can this band keep getting more and more awesome?

Well, they do keep getting more awesome as they prove with another new track that they have released titled “Kek’s Sarcophagus.” This track sounds more like an excerpt from The Cara Neir/Ramlord split than something off of the EP, just to distinguish the sounds. It’s an amazing track that you should stream RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Check it out and download it for free below. What do you think of these filthmongers?

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