ACxDC Streaming Entire Side Of Upcoming Three-Way Split; Announce Winter Tour



The wait for the monolith of brutality that is the upcoming To Live A Lie Three-Way split between Southern Californian demonic powerviolence forces ACxDC, Arizonian metallic hardcore infused powerviolence maniacs Sex Prisoner, and similarly Arizona based Dirty Harry denominated powerviolence Magnum Force has just gotten shorter. In addition to announcing an upcoming March Winter tour, ACxDC have also made available their five song slice of the upcoming split for streaming and download. Check that and peep the full Winter tour cycle(venues TBA) as well as ACxDC’s remaining December tour dates after the jump. To Live A Lie’s three way split is set to debut sometime late Winter during February or March. 

ACxDC Remaining December Dates

12/21 – Covina, CA @ The Church w/ Calculator, Headwind, Stresscase, Outliers, Repel,  Moss Youth (Benefit Show For Stresscase)
12/22 Murrieta, CA @ The Dial w/ Media Blitz, Stresscase, Burn Your Life Down, Plagues, Skamikaze!, Aukerman, Headwind, Motherboy + Secret Guest (Toxicbreed’s Funhouse’s Birthday)
12/23 Corona, CA @ Maya’s Cafe w/ Verbal Abuse, Media Blitz, Hordes, Spring Break ’95
12/28  Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex w/ Limp Wrist, DNF, Fraude
12/29 Lancaster, CA @ Industry Theater w/ Stresscase, What’s The Point!, Life For A Life, Yeren, Treacherouskin, Get Greens, Sledgehammer 

ACxDC March Winter Tour Schedule

3/1 San Diego, CA
3/2 Phoenix, AZ
3/3 Tucson, AZ
3/4 El Paso, TX
3/5 San Antonio, TX
3/6 Austin, TX
3/7 Houston TX
3/9 New Orleans, LA
3/10 Dallas, TX
3/11 Oklahoma City, OK
3/12 Midland, TX
3/13 Roswell, NM
3/14 Albuquerque, NM
3/15 Las Vegas, NV
3/16 Pomona, CA



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