Best Of 2012: Musicians Best Of Lists Part V

2012yearWe here at American Aftermath are readying our very own year end lists, to be unleashed this Friday. We have asked some friends and musicians to submit their very own Best of 2012 List, which we will be posting throughout the week and here we go. Read on to find out what members of Weekend Nachos and Harm’s Way were jamming to this year.

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Best Of 2012: “Grim” Kim Kelly’s Favorite Demos Of 2012

2012yearMuch has been made of the lowly demonstration tape over the past few years. A perennial underground staple and more or less sole argument for the continued existence of cassette tapes (seriously, worst format), a band’s initial foray into studio sorcery is generally a pretty slapdash affair, recorded live in their practice space and handed out to buddies and disinterested label suits in unequal measure. At least, that’s how it used to be. Now, though, we’ve got labels releasing demos on vinyl, collectors clamouring for a baby band’s first squalls, and lists like this one popping up for the second year running. Cheers to Ross and American Aftermath for giving me the chance to rant and ramble about a few of 2012’s most welcome new additions.  In no particular order, here are ten of the best demos I was fortunate enough to stumble across, have shoved into my back pocket, or otherwise encounter.     Continue reading


Neurosis’ Scott Kelly, Yakuza’s Bruce Lamont and Eyehategod’s Mike IX Williams and musician/producer Sanford Parker  will be hitting the road together in early 2013. These musicians will each play a solo set before coming together in a sludge supergroup dubbed Corrections House. No other details have been released on this upcoming group but regardless, this sounds awesome. Take a gander at the full touring schedule below.

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EL DRUGSTORE Perform New Song Live

Footage has surfaced of instrumental spazz bastards, El Drugstore, performing a new song live on December 16th at the St. Vitus Bar in New York. The song is reportedly titled “By What Ill-Begotten Means Have You Procured This Meat?” and I can only assume it will appear on the trio’s upcoming full length, tentatively titled Plague Ship. This song is all over the place. It’s heavy, extremely jarring and features a badass lick near the end that is mind blowing. Anyways, check out the performance below.

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The devastatingly dissonant and dark doom of Primitive Man (Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, etc) is enough to strike fear into the feeble hearts of small children and well-adjusted adults alike. A full length album worth of these malevolent dirges for people like me is cause for celebration, however. Primitive Man is currently streaming their debut LP, Scorn, in full a month in advanced over at their Bandcamp page. The album will be officially released on January 31st and pre-orders are currently being offered on their Bandcamp page as well. This record is well worth your time. Stream the entire record below.

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Best Of 2012: Gnarly’s Favorite EPs & 7″ Of 2012

2012year2012 was an amazing year for me. I’ve already put out two of my Best Of lists and I have two more to go. 2012 was great year for breakout EPs and 7″ releases. A lot of killer bands put out spectacular EPs this year and so I decided to put together a list of those also. Here goes.     Continue reading