No, Not That Xibalba: ROTTING CHRIST Streaming New Track

Back in November I told you about Rotting Christ‘s forthcoming album Do What Thou Wilt which is set for release on March 5th via Season Of Mist. I also mentioned how I haven’t really listened to the band for quite some time, but after hearing the new track off of the album, I might just be checking this one out. Now, while I don’t see this as one of the greatest things in upcoming metal history, there is something about this track that I just don’t hate.

If you want to experience this for yourself, check out “In Yumen/Xibalba” after the jump. It’s Rotting Christ, that’s for sure. Now I’m gonna go listen to Sleep Of The Angels.     Continue reading

Dream Your Dreams: Listen To This New THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE Track Right Now

Are you in the mood for chaotic, atmospheric, blackened filth that’s pounded together with raw emotion and musical creativity spanning many genres? Well, if that’s the case, you should definitely check out this new track by France’s The Phantom Carriage. This band combines crusty hardcore and loads and loads of black metal (a la Young And In The Way) but with some first wave emo attributes.

I really dug their debut album New Thing (listen here) and I am stoked for their 2013 release Falls. The band is currently streaming a new track called “Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming,” which you can check out below. It’s pure chaos and it’s great. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy.     Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Eric’s Top 30 Releases Of The Year


Similar to the conflicted state of mind the character Jules Winnfield Of Pulp Fiction was in when he decided not to execute the characters of Honey Bunny and Ringo like “fucking fried chicken”, my American Aftermath writership came at a period in my life of transition, a time of both fleeting and returning tastes. In short, my idea of “music” was flipped upside down. What was once a streamlined process of music listening and discovery was overloaded and overridden by my previous months exploration into a multitude of realms and genres previously unexplored, most notable among that being my new found discovery of hardcore and the cascading effects of that discovery, which led to realms from sludge metal to pop punk.

The following thirty album list reflects the few difficultly chosen releases that stuck with me the most throughout both the bombarding ocean of releases this year and the aforementioned musical overturn. Before we actually begin, I’d like to thank the American Aftermath crew especially Ross Gnarly, Lane Oliver, and Josh Huddleston for allowing me to be a part of their team. I would also like to thank the musicians and bands that have created music for me to write about and those that have helped out in interviews and features. Last but not least I want to thank you, the readers, for giving a shit. See you all after the jump.

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