Albums Slept On: Quick Reviews For SINGLE MOTHERS And XERXES

Man, you wanna know the main reason I hate year end lists? Because as soon as those fuckers come out, I discover music that has been sitting in my lap all year that I totally slept on. Seriously, it happens every fucking time. Well, I’ve decided to review a few of these albums and the first two I’ve picked are the self-titled 7″ by Single Mothers and Our Home Is A Deathbed by Xerxes. Both of these bands are fantastic and I don’t know how I waited until just days before the new year to check out their new albums.    

Single MothersSelf-Titled 7″
The first time I listened to Single Mothers was literally yesterday. I was skimming Deathwish, Inc.’s eStore and came across the name Single Mothers. Well, of course I was gonna check the band out based on the name alone, who wouldn’t? The first thing I heard was the song “Baby” when I checked out the music video for the track (see below). I was instantly hooked. There is just something about this band that I really enjoy. Their music is heavy, it’s melodic and it’s very, very emotionally-driven. It’s hard for me to compare them to other bands because… Well, I don’t know. What I do know is that I love this album and I am anxiously awaiting my 7″ to come in the mail. Check out the video for “Baby” below. I give this album a solid 10, without a doubt.

XerxesOur Home Is A Deathbed
Xerxes are a band whose name I have heard thrown around a few times here and there and I kept telling myself that I needed to really sit down and listen to them. I heard a few tracks here and there but never sat down to listen to a full album. Yesterday I came across their latest album Our Home Is A Deathbed and I fucking love it. Melodic, raw hardcore awesomeness. Eleven tracks of pure emotion and attitude. I mean, it’s definitely not the heaviest thing I’ve listened to, but it’s fucking great regardless. Pristine quality recording and top-notch song writing. Stream Our Home Is A Deathbed below because this album is a good 9.5. Get at it.

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2 comments on “Albums Slept On: Quick Reviews For SINGLE MOTHERS And XERXES

  1. Xerxes gave one of the best performances I’ve seen this year. Awesome live band. Check out the Twins 7” and the split w/ Midnight Souls — much better than OHIADB in my opinion.

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