You remember that little band of miscreants, Daughters? Of course you do. Have you been wondering what those misfits have been up to you? Well, it looks like one of them is in a new band! Daughters frontman Alexis Marshall is now lending vocals to a band called Fucking Invincible. Fucking Invincible is a straight forward, punch your mother in the face hardcore that features Alexis yelling his head off over the crushing riffs. Yup, no drunken Elvis vocals here. If this entices you, stream their Very Negative EP below. It’s pretty solid.

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CONVERGE To Put Out Multiple Releases In 2013

According to a recent Facebook update, Converge will be lining up several releases this year. The band intends to release a Live on BBC Radio EP, a new DVD/Film project, a vinyl reissue of Caring & Killing through Hydra Head and much more. That’s all the information we have for now but stay tuned because it looks like Converge plans to make 2013 their bitch.

-Lane Oliver