SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP Streaming New Track; “Announce” Track Listing For Opium Morals



Occult doom outfit Seven Sisters Of Sleep are currently streaming a new track entitled “Reaper Christ”, which is set to debut on the group’s upcoming 2013 sophomore full length record, Opium Morals. “Reaper Christ” sees the group assault with their usual sledgehammer to the jawline sludge whilst adding a bite of speed for extra damage. Stream “Reaper Christ” and try to decipher the A389’s recently leaked “track listing” for Opium Morals after the jump.  Continue reading

YOUNG AND IN THE WAY Streaming Entire Side Of Split; Detail 2013 Release/Touring Schedule



To compliment yesterday’s stream of “Guardian Angel” by Winnipeg, Manitoba’s holy terrorists Withdrawal, North Carolinian blackened crust warriors Young And In The Way have decided to stream their entire side of the two group’s shared split. In addition, the group have announced plans for a secondary split to be shared with their fellow Chicago AC//13 comrade in arms, Moral Void, as well as plans for a third full length release, set to be recorded this upcoming spring at an unspecified studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 2013 Touring plans for Young And In The Way currently include plans for a U.S. tour encompassing both the West Coast and Northeast areas. Booking agents can contact the group at this address(  for more information. Stream YAITW’s devastating and vile side of their split with Withdrawal below. Expect the record out early 2013 via A389 Recordings. Continue reading

Toxic Elements: MICKEY NAPALM To Release 7″ Single

Mike Haner AKA Mickey Napalm is a musical genius. Before breaking into the hip-hop field with a vengeance, he was the sole member of grindcore outfit Infected Womb (listen here). These days the dude attacks instrumentals with a pissed off affliction and he does a killer job. He released two albums last year, Napalm The God and Stream Of Unconsciousness the latter of which was my favorite hip-hop album of 2012 and now he’s prepping the release of a 7″ single!     Continue reading

This Unoffical THE SECRET Music Video Is Pretty Killer

The SecretWhile sifting through the comments just now, I came across one from user Gertra that was simply a video. What was this video? It was what seemed to be a music video for The Secret‘s track “Daily Lies” which comes off their blistering 2012 release Agnus Dei. I watched the video and I was completely blown away.     Continue reading

Drinking Jack With Satan: CAPTAIN OVERBOARD–RADIO EARTH! Release New Album

My homies in Captain Overboard–Radio Earth! have released their latest offering Winter for free download and you all need to go check it out right now. I have been friends with and following these guys for a long time now and I have loved watching them mature and form themselves into a killer band. If you’re new to them, I can best describe their music as a sludgy mix of grunge and metal. Their songs are very catchy and this is especially the case for their latest album Winter.     Continue reading

Of Things To Come: TWITCHING TONGUES To Release New Album In 2013

Hardcore/metal stalwarts Twitching Tongues, whom I was introduced to last year, are planning a slew of things for 2013. The band has announced a new full-length, a split with Wisdom In Chains as well as a short tour with the likes of Nails, Death Threat and Incendiary. Sounds like loads of fun, eh kids?     Continue reading

The Seventh And The Fourth: OUTRUN THE SUNLIGHT Streaming New Track

Instrumental prog metal duo and personal friends of mine, Outrun The Sunlight have released a new track called “The Seventh And The Fourth” and it’s amazing. These guys have yet to let me down when it comes to their prowess of playing catchy and melodic progressive metal and this track is no different.      Continue reading

Review: ROTTEN SOUND – “Species At War”

I have been a Rotten Sound fanboy for years. They are one of my all-time favorite bands for one simple reason: they never let you down. They don’t put out a few albums and then decide to change their sound. They don’t put out a bunch of bullshit releases. They take their time and put out hearty, crusty albums that cannot be surpassed. So is the case with their latest offering, the ever-pivotal Species At War.      Continue reading