This Unoffical THE SECRET Music Video Is Pretty Killer

The SecretWhile sifting through the comments just now, I came across one from user Gertra that was simply a video. What was this video? It was what seemed to be a music video for The Secret‘s track “Daily Lies” which comes off their blistering 2012 release Agnus Dei. I watched the video and I was completely blown away.    

This video is really fucking cool. It features a lot of bizarre imagery that can easily be associated with The Secret, so I automatically assumed this was an official video from the band. Until I checked the notes under the video on YouTube that read: “Inoffical Video.” That means some one made this video out of the kindness of their hearts and did a fucking amazing job on it. The User name on YouTube is “Pinski Pavlov” and this is the only video published by them.

I have yet to see The Secret talk about this on their Facebook page, so I’m not sure even they’ve seen it. Check it out below and tell us what you think in the comments. Thank you Gertra for the tip and Pinski Pavlov for the video!
Be sure to pick up Agnus Dei, available now via Southern Lord Records!

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2 comments on “This Unoffical THE SECRET Music Video Is Pretty Killer

  1. Gnardo, at first thank you for spreading your kind words about our work. It was in fact an unofficial video for a band we are inspired of. There is a lot more shit to come in shortly.

    With best regards,

    Pinski . Pavlov

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