“We have such sights to show you!” – Hellraiser, 1987

Welcome to the seventh edition of Cryptic Passages, a weekly column in which I, Eric Nguyen, will be presenting for your torture, some of the most brutal, unrelenting, and hate drenched pieces of audio I’ve found journeying through the misanthropic plains of the internet. Three satanic passages await you in the cryptic chasm…after the jump.

Passage I: From the synthesis of members of Buffalo, NY drum and bass powerviolence executioners Water Torture and Cincinnati, OH’s one man harsh noise project Pusdrainer comes the horrifying sci-fi influenced power electronics Breached Hull. The group’s debut EP, Into The Black, presents its mechanical, metallic grime around the theme of one of the sickest sci-fi horror films to date: Event Horizon, a title that masterfully blends the horrors of deep space along with the supernatural for a nightmarish hellish journey. Scattered with samples from the film, Into The Black is a dark and atmospheric journey that heavily features rhythmic, droning and pounding rhythms rather than the usual power electronics variable distortion and bass rumble as well as excellent vocalwork that ranges from high-pitched and raspy black metal-esque screams to guttural lows reminiscent of the eerie frog-like vocals of former Psycroptic front-man Matthew Chalk. Into The Black presents seven tracks of the last black box recordings of the Event Horizon crew as they descend into the pits of Hell itself and is highly recommended as a unique listen for fans of PE and Noise. Stream it and download it free below courtesy of Human Beard Recordings and pick up the tape from Waterpower here if you have the funds. Props to Breached Hull for possibly using the door opening sample from DOOM in “Left To Burn”. Look out for upcoming work from the group, two releases themed after John Carpenter’s “The Abyss” and the Ridley Scott classic “Alien”.

Passage II: Mass Marriage is the Vancouver, BC based one-woman noise project under the directive of Mel Paget. Apparently centered around themes of female identity as evidenced by the samples provided in A-side title track, Mass Marriage’s latest effort, Nothing Underneath, provides two tracks of beautifully executed power electronics layered with multiple textures, timbres, and the haunting yet serene droll of spoken word female vocals. The overall recording challenges my view on noise. What is generally listened to for “an experience” is here listened for enjoyment. Stream Nothing Underneath below courtesy of Absurd Exposition and pick up the tape via SCREAM//WRITHE here.

Passage III: Other than the fact that they’re from Belgium, I don’t really know much about Deathseekers except that they play some of the sickest dark hardcore I’ve heard to date. Drawing to mind an unholy soundscape that sounds like a mixture of Nails, Reign In Blood-era Slayer, and Young And In The Way, Deathseekers combine thrashy metallic pummeling and black metal blasting along with a bite of crust. The two song demo opens with “Martyr”, a track that strikes immediately for the jugular with a frantic metallic hardcore attack. Structured but ripe with twists and turns, “Martyr” at times draws to mind Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse-esque technicality but does not pursue it further. The track ultimately culminates in a soul crushing breakdown before lending way to “Blod”. The minute and forty “Blod” most draws to mind the group’s inner Slayer with its melodically dissonant riffing as it blasts its way to oblivion, ending the demo as quick as it began. Still unconvinced? Stream and download for free Deathseekers debut 2012 demo below and decide for yourself.

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3 comments on “CRYPTIC PASSAGES Volume Seven

    • I don’t understand your comment. Yes, Deathseekers have dark hardcore elements. Check out bands like Cursed, Grieved, Homewrecker. I don’t come from any trends. I listen to music I like though lately I have been listening to a lot of hardcore and powerviolence. Deathseekers don’t seem to have any problems with the comment, check their Facebook description, my review is embedded there.

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