Review-PRIMITIVE MAN-“Scorn”

By Lane Oliver

Listening to Primitive Man is like falling into an endless abyss surrounded by complete darkness, feelings of hopelessness, disturbing creatures of the macabre nature and psychosis to boot. Darkly cheesy descriptions aside, Primitive Man’s debut full length, Scorn, is as dark as they come. While some may shy away from Primitive Man’s malevolency, I for one embrace it. This is a terrifying yet enthralling debut from a band that will no doubt turn heads and should garner a lot of attention.

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Into The Everblack: THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Announce New Album Title

I have been a huge The Black Dahlia Murder fan for a looooong time now and I was thoroughly impressed with their last album Ritual although I couldn’t fully take it in until well after it’s release. I started thinking not too long ago, it’s about time for a new The Black Dahlia Murder album. Well fuck me running, the band has already started tracking! Lo and fucking behold, their they’re on top of their shit.     Continue reading

CORRECTIONS HOUSE Release Teaser For Debut Album

Corrections House, the sludge supergroup containing members of Yakuza, Neurosis and Eyehategod, have released a short teaser video for what seems to be their debut full length record. The album is apparently called Hoax the System according the video title. No other information has been released so far but be sure to check out the teaser below. Also, don’t forget to go to one of Corrections House’s shows in the coming weeks for a sneak peak of this legendary gathering of musicians. I have posted the tour dates below as well.

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Becoming Deindividualized: BLOCKHEADS Streaming New Song

Earlier today I posted my review of the new Blockheads record This World Is Dead and now the band has offered up another new track for streaming! If my review and the previously released single “Pro-Lifers” weren’t enough incentive to check out the new album from the French grinding all stars, maybe this new, blistering track “Deindividualized” will do the trick.     Continue reading

Moving Up, Moving Out: LITTLE SISTER Call It Quits

I’ve raved about Ohio’s hardcore beasts Little Sister for a while now. I really love this band’s energy and music, so when I heard the news that they would be calling it a day, it hurt. Although Little Sister have been around for a bit now, they are still a new band and new bands have issues, this I understand. It just sucks to see such a talented band call it quits so early in their career. Continue on to read the statement put out by the band and to listen to their 2012 self-titled EP.     Continue reading

Straight To The Point: Quick Reviews Of GOD’S AMERICA And BLOCKHEADS

00 119_coverMy introduction to God’s America was when the band was still known as Seeds Of Rape. They released on album on J. Randall’s (Agoraphobic Nosebleed) label Grindcore Karaoke and I loved it. Further down the line I learned that the band had changed their name to God’s America or God’s America AKA The Seeds Of Rape, the band will answer to either. Continue reading

Meat Is Murder: MOMENTUM Prove That Punk Rock Is Saving Lives

One of my favorite bands I came to know late last year is London-based hardcore act Momentum. If you’re not familiar with this band, I can’t say I blame you, they just kinda sprung up on me but they feature members of Light Bearer and Plague Mass. I was surfing CVLT Nation one fine day and came across a review of Momentum‘s latest album and by the description set by Jonathan Keane, I was instantly intrigued. Unlike a lot of today’s bands, Momentum do not have a Bandcamp page, so I downloaded their album, which they are giving away for free digitally and I loved it before the first track was finished.     Continue reading