Into The Everblack: THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Announce New Album Title

I have been a huge The Black Dahlia Murder fan for a looooong time now and I was thoroughly impressed with their last album Ritual although I couldn’t fully take it in until well after it’s release. I started thinking not too long ago, it’s about time for a new The Black Dahlia Murder album. Well fuck me running, the band has already started tracking! Lo and fucking behold, their they’re on top of their shit.    
Ritual was produced by extraordinaires Jason Suecof (AtheistAugust Burns Red, God Forbid) and Mark Lewis (WhitechapelDevil Driver, Deicide) and this new album, titled Everblack is being worked on by audio genius Eyal Levi of Dååth. Eyal has worked on albums by Arsis, Job For A Cowboy, The Contortionist and of course Dååth. So yeah, it’s gonna fucking rip, that’s for sure.

All we really know at this point is the albums name, Everblack and that it will be released in June. Although we do know that the band is tracking drums in Detroit while guitar and vocal tracking will be done at Levi’s Audiohammer studios. Are you stoked? I am.

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3 thoughts on “Into The Everblack: THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Announce New Album Title”

  1. You can’t be a journalist that doesn’t know the difference between “their” and “they’re”. On an unrelated note, this is great news!

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