THE AFTERMATHCAST Vol. 1: The Introduction

Aftemathcast BannerHey, folks. I decided I wanted to do a Podcast, so today I bring you The Aftermathcast! I’ve wanted to do a Podcast for a while now and when I finally settled on a concept, I got it recorded and here it is. The Aftermathcast is mostly music and a bit of talking. Considering the theme of The Aftermathcast is hardcore, grindcore and powerviolence, I run through a few news items pertaining to hardcore and the lot. When it comes to the music, all of the bands I play on this Podcast have released albums which are available to download for free.

Click on the listen to and/or download The Aftermathcast. You can also check out the track list down there and links to download the band’s albums. Enjoy and be sure to leave some feedback. Maybe I’ll do more of these.    

[If you cannot stream directly from the site, go HERE]

Opening song: Six Brew Bantha – “Violence Fuels Hated”
Agonizing Blight – “Stagnant”
Casting Curses – “My Favorite Abortion”
Super Mutant – “Grave Steps”
Cerce – “Weary”
Gay Kiss – “Storms”
Snakes – “Waking Up And Decomposing”
James Doesn’t Exist – “Down The Sweat”
Greedy Mouth – “Seitan Worshipping Power Violence”

In Her Rotten Cheek – “Noisy Emo Fuck”
Holy – “Blame Me”
Hawaiian Punch – “Boyfriend”
Congenital Death – “Collapse”
Tension – “How Can I Stay Positive”
XMayonnaiseTheBastardx – “A Cop’s The Only Pig That Deserves To Die”
Fever Dreams – “Hellhound”
Rape Revenge – “Long Walk Home”
Momentum – “Punk Rock Is Saving Lives”
Loather – “London (Smiths Cover)”

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