Complex And Cultured: KEN MODE Streaming New Track

A few days ago I talked about KEN Mode and their new album and just like fucking clockwork, these dudes have released a new track! If you missed my aforementioned post, I talked about their upcoming album Entrench which will be released in late March via Season Of Mist Records. So yeah, if that didn’t excite you enough, wait until you hear this new song.     Continue reading

Bustin’ ‘Em Up: PERIPHERY To Unleash A Juggernaut

Periphery are fucking huge, man. I enjoyed their new album and then kinda fell away from it. When they released Periphery II, I got back into them because the band was more mature and way heavier. It was great. I know this band is always working on music, so I knew it wouldn’t be long until they started working on new material. Well, it seems the band has been doing just that.      Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: Stream BLOCKHEADS’ New Album “This World Is Dead” Right Now!

If you think of grindcore and Blockheads aren’t somewhere in the top of your list, you may want to get your head examined. Blockheads are to grindcore what Skippy is to peanut butter. These French grind superstars are prepping the release of their new album This World Is Dead which will see the light of day exactly one week from today. If you listened to the first Aftermathcast, you’d know I have been granted the opportunity to stream this ten-star release and I am glad to bring it to you here today. I also swapped a few words with vocalist/bassist Erik, which you can check out below. So sit back and enjoy the madness. While jamming, pre-order This World Is Dead here.

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