DYING FETUS Sheds “Second Skin” For Their New Music Video


Death metal veterans Dying Fetus have hooked up with the gore loving freaks over at Bloodydisgusting.com to create a new video for the song “Second Skin” off their latest Relapse release, Reign Supreme. The theme from this NSFW video sort of reminds me of watching the band live and Saw and Jeepers Creepers all at the same time. Although this is the most visually brutal Dying Fetus video, it’s by far the most tame that Bloodydisgusting has produced.

It’s a great song but the video was a little boring. You can watch this slammin’ (i love using 90’s terminology) video after the jump – Continue reading

Become Hopelessly Devoted To REIGN SUPREME With New Lyric Video

Reign Supreme are an amazing band that I found out about a while back and have been fascinated with ever since. I have been wondering when these guys were going to release a new album and it looks like these Philly hardcore heroes heard me because they will soon be releasing a new EP called Sky Burial (not to be confused with the new Inter Arma album).      Continue reading

RED FANG To Release Split 7″ With ASG Next Month

Told ya it was The Year Of The Split.
Remember that rocking track that Red Fang released back in September? That track was fucking incredible and, after four months, we know what the track was for. It turns out that Red Fang will be releasing a new 7″ with their label mates ASG next month, which is pretty rad news if I do say so myself.       Continue reading

COLISEUM Spread Their Black Magic With A New Track

Back in October Lane told you about Kentucky’s Coliseum entering the studio and here we are in January and the band has released a new song. When it comes to Coliseum, I can take them or leave them usually. Some songs I enjoy and some I just can’t get into. Their new track “Black Magic Punks” however, is some something I can get behind.     Continue reading

Do You Have Seven Minutes Of Free Time? Well Listen To DISCORDIAN POPE Then!

In the wake of Orlando progressive post metal/grind band Khann‘s inactivity, one of the groups members have collaborated with ex-members of Dead Radical to create a new punky, spastic grind band, Discordian Pope. I’m not sure if the band’s name is an homage to the legendary Discordance Axis, but their music sure as fuck is! The group recently have made their seven song demo available for streaming and download on their Bandcamp page. If you’ve got about six free minutes, then do yourself a favor and check them out.     Continue reading