Straight To The Point: Quick Reviews Of MEGASCAVENGER And COMPLETE FAILURE

megascavegerWhen it comes to death metal, you people should know I am a huge fan. Something I may not have told you though is that I have a lot of respect for one-man death metal bands. Having been involved in quite a few solo projects myself, I understand how complicated it can be to execute a single song by yourself, let alone an entire album. I would say the best part about doing a solo project is that there are no creative differences between band members. It either works or it doesn’t.     Continue reading

CLUTCH’s Neil Fallon Gets Interviewed By A Kid!

This is awesome. Not much else needs to be said. If you ever wanted to know what Neil Fallon was like when he was eleven then today is your day! Just watch it damn it.

Earth Rocker will be released on March 19th. Pre-orders are currently being offered over at Indie Merch Store. Below you can watch the cute little interview as well as Earth Rocker’s official track listing and Clutch’s tour dates with Orange Goblin, Kyng and Lionize.

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Shave Your Head In Shame: TERA MELOS Release New Track, Detail New Record

The quirky trio, Tera Melos, have released the juicy details on their upcoming record. The record has been assigned the title X’ed Out and will feature twelve new tracks that show the band traveling in a slightly different direction stylistic wise. Guitarist and vocalist Nick Reinhardt comments on the band’s sound this time around:

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American Aftermath Exclusive: Remember That One Time We Filmed A CONVERGE Set?

It’s Friday again and since Rebecca Black is no longer providing the world with original content, I figure we here at AA should fill the void. As most of you should know by now, everyone at American Aftermath has an erection of massive proportions when it comes to all things Converge. Well on their recent tour outing with Torche and Kvelertak, I snuck a video camera into their stop at Club Dada in Dallas, Texas and here is what ensued –     Continue reading


The title of the post says it all, hardcore purists, Terror, have inked a deal with Victory records to release the groups forthcoming album, “Live By The Code“. One might ask why this is classified as a WTF moment, and I’d be quick to respond with “it’s not 1998 anymore”.

Over the past year or so, Terror’s front man, Scott Vogel, has been very vocal about what is hardcore and who has abandoned this sacred genre/lifestyle. Ironically enough, he forgot to mention Tony Victory, owner of Victory Records, who in the past has been accused of stealing money from or not reimbursing his band. This is also a man who hasn’t signed a hardcore band since Comeback Kid or some shit like that.

Anyway, I just find it rather ironic that mr. hardcore signed a deal with the man who brought us Hawthorne Heights. If you continue past the jump, you can read Vogel’s rationalization for this move. Although after reading it, I still stick by my statement that it is no longer 1998. Continue reading

Why, Hello: Listen To The New CLOUDKICKER Song


Everyone’s favorite one man post-metal/djent band, Cloudkicker, has returned to the Bandcamp scene with a new track entitled “Hello”. The new track diverts from Ben Sharp‘s normal composition style and sees the guitarist trying out a different approach to looping riffs.

This ten minute “song” is actually kind of hard to listen to unless, of course, you are a fan of ambient noise tracks. You can stream the track after the jump – Continue reading

CHIODOS Recuit Former FALL OF TROY Guitarist; Somehow Still Suck


I wouldn’t expect that many of our readers would be fans of the scene abomination that is known as Chiodos, but I imagine a handful of you still like The Fall Of Troy. Well for those of you that fall under this category, prepare to puke in your proverbial soup because FOT guitarist Thomas Erak is now a confirmed member of Chiodos.

I’m not sure if Erak knows this, but joining Chiodos doesn’t make them better, it just makes him worse…. For those of you who care, you can watch Erak’s introductory video to the band after the jump – Continue reading

Cycles Of Suffering Due To Headbanging: SUFFOCATION Makes New Track Available For Streaming

Legendary Long Island death metal band Suffocation have made a track off their upcoming Nuclear Blast records release available for streaming via Soundcloud. The four-minute track is classic suffocation and almost leaves you forgetting that the groups long time drummer, Mike Smith, is no longer with the band.

Given that I have been pretty much over death metal lately, I am surprised at how much this track is resonating with me. I must say that the song is perfectly titled, probably due to the bangover that these killer riffs induced. Check out the track below and get ready for the fury that will be unleashed onto us later this year!    Continue reading