Review: CATTLE-“Self Titled”

By Lane Oliver

The dark and delightfully twisted realm of noise rock is inhabited by various macabre creations of different shapes and sizes. It’s pretty much an umbrella term for various styles that, while sometimes quite different from each other, all share the same characteristics of being harsh, unconventional and, well, noisy. So with noise rock you are offered a lot of different things like The Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Today is the Day, Cows and so on. This pointless introduction leads me to Leeds based noise rock trio Cattle. As I mentioned, noise rock can be pretty varied and Cattle do in fact have their own unique brand of noise rock/punk that you should definitely keep an eye out for.

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Music Documentary Sunday: Watch AMERICAN HARDCORE


It’s a lazy Sunday around these parts, so I figured we’d bring back your favorite series “Music Documentary Sunday!” This week we are featuring the 2006 documentary American Hardcore which focuses on the birth and evolution of the hardcore punk scene in the early ’80s. The doc features exclusive interviews with Henry Rollins, Phil Anselmo, Ian Mackaye, Moby and many others.

It’s a very entertaining film for those who are just entering the scene as well as those who want to relive the “glory days” of hardcore. I personally really enjoyed American Hardcore. My only real complaint is that the movie basically claims hardcore died in the ’80’s…. Whatever… Despite that one misconception, the film has managed to become one the most notable and extensive films on the history of hardcore; you can watch it after the jump – Continue reading