Down A Dead End Path: CALL OF THE VOID Release Album Teaser

I can say, honestly, that I have never heard of Call Of The Void before today. There was one clear indicator that told me I was going to like this band before even hearing them. What was it? They’re on fucking Relapse Records. I am a huge supporter of Relapse Records because a lot of my favorite bands have called that place home over the years. So when I settled down and checked out Call Of The Void, I knew it was going to be killer.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Topon Das of FUCK THE FACTS

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’d know I used to do Q&A’s with my good friend, and Fuck The Facts guitarist Topon Das a lot. It’s been a while since he and I have really talked, so I decided it was time to resurrect the “Talking With Topon” section of American Aftermath. So read on to find out about Fuck The Facts’ upcoming tour, new album and what Topon has been doing when not ripping that six-string.

Photo by Andrew Gagne

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WTF Moment: Former ATREYU Guitarist Joins…… TRAPT


LOLOLOLOLOLOL The title says it fucking all…. Former Atreyu guitarist Travis Miguel has officially come out of retirement and joined Trapt! Now I know Atreyu was never a good band or anything, but joining Trapt is a new low. I guess I don’t really give a shit but I know there has to be some closet Atreyu fan out there wanting to punch himself in the dick (and not just for having shitty taste in music).

All I’m gonna say is that I guess Atreyu broke up because Travis was too HEADSTRONG!!!


— Josh Huddleston

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Recorded In Sewage: DEVOURMENT Posts First In-Studio Video


Hometown (Dallas,TX) slammin brutal death metal band Devourment have recently finished recording their new Relapse release “Conceived In Sewage” with Erik Rutan.  When the group headed down to Tampa, Florida, they made sure to bring a camera with them to catch-all the studio brutality.

Late last week, Devourment began posting the first in a series of in-studio videos documenting the recording process. In the first video, we see Rutan picking up the group’s guitarist and drummer and taking them to his studio. The remainder of the video is drummer Eric Park tracking several songs. Continue after the jump to witness the brutality – Continue reading

Camelot In Smithereens: ARCHITECT Starts Writing New Album

New York conspiratorial hardcore vets, Architect, are back in action and have completed ten new songs for their forthcoming Black Market Activities release. The group which was formerly known as Found Dead Hanging released their last album, Ghosts Of The Salt Water Machines, back in 2008. As of right now, there is little info about this album but as more comes to light, we will continue to keep you updated.     Continue reading

PROTEST THE HERO Got You To Fund Their New Album

As you can see in the video above, the shredtastic group known as Protest The Hero are now free agents and instead of signed to a new label, they have decide to let you, the fans, fund the budget for their next record. Last week the band set up a kickstarter-esque page here. As always with these types of projects, PTH has made a pretty sweet list of prizes those who donate. The prizes include everything from digital downloads to Rody recording a song of your choosing to actually being able to record vocals or an instrument on their new album.     Continue reading

Check Matt Lupo’s (EAST OF THE WALL) Solo Project

Last week one of the guitarist/vocalists of East Of The Wall, Matt Lupo, stepped out into the spotlight with a new solo project under the name Opul. The musician just dropped a four track, 20 minute long EP entitled, “Personnel“. Opul is not too dissimilar from East Of The Wall in its ambient guitar styling and composition, but lacks the metallic edge and harsh vocals.     Continue reading