Down A Dead End Path: CALL OF THE VOID Release Album Teaser

I can say, honestly, that I have never heard of Call Of The Void before today. There was one clear indicator that told me I was going to like this band before even hearing them. What was it? They’re on fucking Relapse Records. I am a huge supporter of Relapse Records because a lot of my favorite bands have called that place home over the years. So when I settled down and checked out Call Of The Void, I knew it was going to be killer.    
Well, I was fucking right. Call Of The Void is amazing. Powerful, harsh crust grind at it’s fucking finest. The band has released a teaser for their debut album Dragged Down A Dead End Path which you can check out below. Better than that, the band is currently streaming a full song from the album which you can also stream below! Get stoked, Dragged Down A Dead End Path will be released on March 19th!

Also check out Call Of The Void on Facebook!

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