Review: BAPTISTS – “Bushcraft”

BUSHCRAFT300I fell in love with Baptists when they released their first EP and I sat quietly, awaiting their next release. It has been almost two years and finally my time has come. The time has come for Baptists to release their debut full-length. Before even going into this album I knew it would be filled with blistering crust, feedback and filth stacked on top of filth. How did I know this? Because I couldn’t see a Baptists album unfolding any other way. Could you?     

The album is kicked off with the deafening powerhouse “Betterment” which already decimates Baptists debut EP. The d-beat power, the slow-building riff leading into a rip-roaring shredder, it’s just an incredible way to open up an album. Harsh vocals soar out at me, but not overshadowing the music. I love vocals in hardcore to be folded into the background a bit. It adds much more emotion, at least I think so.

As I go through this album, I find myself getting lost. The tracks flow so well in and out of each other that I literally find myself sitting here, eyes closed, listening to the songs. For someone like me, I would suppose this is like experiencing Nirvana at last. The tracks “In Droves” and the album’s title track “Bushcraft” really stand out to me. Both tracks are furious in their execution, but the title track is much more out of control. It’s incredible.

As the album nears to a close, I come upon the track “Soiled Roots.” Two things instantly intrigue me: this track is over five minutes long, almost totally unheard of in hardcore, and this track is very slow and dredging. It’s almost the polar opposite of the rest of this album. I like this side of Baptists, it’s cool to see bands slow down and still be pissed off. This track is obviously proof that Baptists can do no wrong.

So with this I say, Baptists are back in a big, bad way. It’s mean, it’s menacing and it’s brutal. It’s amazing. I waited almost two years for this moment and I am glad that I finally got to have it. This is a must have album. I don’t care what kind of music you’re into, you have to listen to Bushcraft.

Rating: 10/10
For fans of: Trap Them, New Lows
Favorite track: “In Droves”
Release date: February 19th
Label: Southern Lord Records

5 comments on “Review: BAPTISTS – “Bushcraft”

  1. I’m getting a little desensitized with Southern Lord’s hardcore bands as of late. To be honest they’re starting to all sound the same to me. I might check this one out, not rushing to though.

  2. “Two things instantly intrigue me: this track is over five minutes long, almost totally unheard of in hardcore, and this track is very slow and dredging.”

    Actually, it seems like every other hardcore/grind album nowadays has at least one of these “obligatory” sludge songs.

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