Exclusive Interview: MUMAKIL’s Benjamin Droz + Song Premiere

Swiss grind masters Mumakil have been blowing my mind for years. Each of their albums are more brutal than the previous and their new album Flies Will Starve is no different. The new album will be released on June 25th via Relapse Records and we here at American Aftermath are very excited about it. I recently conducted a short interview with Mumakil‘s bassist Benjamin Droz where he gave us a little insight into the band as well as an exclusive song premiere! Are you ready?    

Hello! How are you and can you introduce yourself for our readers?
Hey there! Benj, Mumakil‘s bass player, at your service… I’m fine, looking forward to the release of Flies Will Starve and to our next show in our home city, we’ve got a score to settle there.

Late last year you guys lost your drummer Seb due to complications with his arm, was it hard replacing him?
Wasn’t hard at all. The very same day Seb announced he would leave the band, he suggested that we should ask Kevin to replace him (Kevin was already a long time friend, we first met him when Mumakil had shows with Disavowed and Benighted). So we just sent him an e-mail and got a very quick response from him. Actually from the moment Seb was officially out to the moment Kevin was officially in, only ten minutes passed by.

When Kevin came on board, did he contribute to the writing of the album?
No he didn’t, recording of the album was already completed when he came in. Seb is playing on Flies Will Starve and that’s his ultimate contribution to Mumakil (and a very good one indeed). Most of the material for this album was already written before I even joined the band.

The album is absolutely crushing, in true Mumakil fashion. Why has it taken four years between albums?

We had to face several issues, the first being the departure of Mumakil‘s original bass player Taverne because of personal motivations. Then 2 or 3 times over the past 2 years we had to make a break in order to let Seb recover from his wrist injury; he actually changed twice his technique (from right-handed to left-handed and back again to right-handed) so he could keep up with the pace.

We started the recording of Flies Will Starve about one year ago and had to stop the whole process after 2 or 3 days of drum sessions because his wrist was fucked up again; we had to wait 3 more long months to start recording the whole thing again, but damn in the end it was worth waiting.

What are you guys up to now and when will writing begin for the next release?
We have a few shows planned for this summer (mainly in open air festivals, including the famous Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic; be there!) and we are starting to make plans for our next tour. Kevin will be quite busy during the next couple of months as he’s working with Benighted on their own new release, but writing for the next Mumakil album has already begun, Jeje and I have a big stock of blasting riffs and we can’t wait to put everything together. Now that we have this drummer from outer space we’d like to push things even further (and faster). If you think “Flies will starve” is crushing, well you won’t be disappointed with what we’re up to, I can already tell.

One fan question from reader Johnny Ringo:
-Why do you insist on starving flies?

Because when this world is fucked up once for all, even those insignificant invertebrates will starve and die… Let us know when it happens close to your neighborhood.

And now, for the pièce de résistance, an exclusive stream of “Death From Below.” Get your brain bent backwards.

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